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We do more than protect the monetary value of your belongings. We keep their sentimental value safe too.

We understand that certain things in life are irreplaceable. We take pride in delivering best-in-class security to protect your valuables and memories. From our robotically operated safe deposit boxes to strict access controls, with advanced video surveillance systems and highly trained security personnel, you are assured security of the highest standards.

Your prized treasures are our best-kept secret. We promise.

Experience true privacy and security with us. In our 24/7 multi-use building you can enter our premises in confidence without others knowing where you are heading to. Chances of being waylaid like outside a known single purpose depository facility are also minimized. Our 100% robot delivery system ensures that only you are privy to your safe deposit box access and what goes inside your smart secure storage box.

Discover how easy it is to deposit and retrieve your valuables with us. We are open around the clock, so you are free to visit your smart safe deposit box at your convenience.

Our doors welcome you always. 24/7, all year round.
It’s our responsibility to provide you with quality services at a fair value.

Secure your valuables with us at a price that agrees with you. Starting from less than $1 a day, you are treated to the same privileged level of security offered by reputable finanical institutions, only delivered with greater value. Smart Secure Storage @SG is owned by our parent company Singapore G, which have been in the same building for 25 years, so there is no worry about relocation after lease expiry.

While Smart Secure Storage @SG is a brand-new service started in 2019, it comes from Singapore G, a company with more than 45 years of innovation behind it. We have been perfecting the warehousing tradition in both form and function since 1973. Our roots gave us the knowledge in bringing safe deposit box storage to the next level, as well as the hard-won experience to make it happen for you.

We are new, but not born yesterday. We’ve been perfecting storage since 1973.


  1. We are the biggest fully automatic safe deposit box facility in Asia with the most advanced robotic retrieval system.

  2. Registration is a breeze. You don’t need to open a bank account to qualify.

  3. We respect your privacy - all data and information are fully encrypted and kept highly secure.

  4. Our vault is reinforced with concrete and double steel walls; it’s burglar-proof and fire-proof.

  5. Entry is via a secure access control system with an anti-hostage and double doorway.

  6. Our facility operates round-the-clock with 24/7 access, every day.

  7. We have a private basement carpark with a direct lift access to our safe deposit facility. You are free to come and go discreetly.

  8. The building is equipped with over 100 CCTVs with trained security personnel on guard and on patrol.

  9. The facility is managed by Singapore G, a storage solution pioneer since 1973 with a strong foundation and experience.

  10. We own the building - so you are protected from sudden price adjustments affected by change in landlord rental policies and/or due to change of building owners.